BEARS IN THE WILD by Ada & Frank Graham Graham


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Opening with anecdotes about Grizzly Adams and his stint with P. T. Barnum, this easily readable introduction continues its focus on human interest, with a history of grizzly-human interaction in California and then a rundown on bear-tourist problems at Yellowstone. A report on the Craigheads' study of Yellowstone grizzlies (recounted for adults in Frank Craighead's Track of the Grizzly, 1979) describes the brothers' experiences and methods as well as some of their findings. There is, however, a short rundown on ""The Year of the Bear,"" describing their life, especially their feeding habits, in different seasons; and to round out the picture the Grahams end with a survey of other bears--Alaskan brown bears, Asian black bears, and the endangered polar bear. Patent's Bears of the World (1980), which is also very readable, gives more complete and interesting information on the intricacies of bear classification, bears' winter sleep, and other subjects of scientific interest (as well as the more human story of the Craigheads' problems at Yellowstone). It would be unfortunate if this book were to steer a child away from Patent's. As a supplement, it's totally unobjectionable and certainly painless.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1981
Publisher: Delacorte