THE MONEY GAME by Adam Smith


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Always clever, ""Adam Smith"" calls this a ""recital of bias, not a handbook"" for investors. The in reader will be enlightened and entertained, but God help the naive. The author obviously knows money and the use of it, but along with the hard cash information he digresses to kid the pants off the whole subject. On one hand, he quotes John Maynard Keynes, and then carries on a dialogue with the only living Gnome of Zurich who has to reach up to pat the dog. Fundamentally his thesis is that making money is truly a game, but that success does not alleviate the primal urge to make, and spend or risk, more. The buck is an instrument, not something to stick under the mattress. He makes deep obeisance to Edward Johnson, the papa of Fidelity Funds, who said of the stock market "". . . this is no science; this is an art."" Here is a good one for the itchy aficionado who can also speculate as to who ""Adam Smith"" really is.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1968
Publisher: Random House