REMEMBER THE END by Agnes Sligh Turnbull
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Agnes Turnbull has a faculty for breathing life into her characters and situations, in such a way that an old pattern takes on freshness and vitality. This is a twice-told tale -- the story of an immigrant who makes good, and who sacrifices spiritual qualities in his determination to achieve material rewards. It is a study of the lust for power, driven forward by a relentless will, turned aside only momentarily by love, by sorrow, by regret. And yet, she manages to create sympathy for the Irishman who is the central figure of her story; and affection for the fine girl who becomes his wife. In February 1935 The Rolling Years introduced a newcomer with a story of the relations of a man and a woman which revealed sound understanding of the human heart. Her background shifted from New Salem to Pittsburgh. The book touched the best seller class. Now comes this -- with a setting of the Pennsylvania coal fields, and again a moving story of human relations. It should prove equally successful.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1938
Publisher: Macmillan