ROCKET TO LIMBO by Alan E. Nourse
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Ad astra again --this time aboard the SS Ganymede with Lars Heldrigssen. Lars lives in the year 2008. Iceland was home to Lars, with flourishing wheat fields long since established by Lars' grandfather. His first star-run should only have lasted two months, for at embarkation the Ganymede's goal was Vega III for a final check on a new colony site for men from over-crowded earth. But Lars had barely gotten his ""space-legs"" when he began to suspect that Peter Brigham's presence on board presaged an entirely different destination -- one that would involve Lars in attempted mutiny. This is no ordinary star-jump: author Nourse has conceived a really credible plot with three dimensional characters motivated by plausible reasoning. Furthermore, he has a most uncanny ability to visualize the strange sensations and settings of the world of the future. The season's best juvenile science fiction fabrication to date.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1957
Publisher: McKay