A DAY OF DEDICATION by Albert- Ed. Fried


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This collection of ""The Essential Writings and Speeches of Woodrow Wilson"" concentrates on Wilson's political career to the virtual exclusion of his personal life, and is large enough so that few objections may be raised about what has been neglected. More from ""Cabinet Government in the United States"" might have been included, but since Wilson's first book, Congressional Government, published in 1885, elaborates the same theses and is still generally available, the decision for lesser-known works is understandable. The seven sections, covering separately the pre-political, gubernatorial, New Freedom, neutralist, World War, Versailles Conference, League of Nations and final periods of Wilson's career, permits ease in reference. The biographical preface is pertinent, and the discussion of Wilson's own contribution to the defeat of his Treaty in the Senate is as cogent an assessment of that lamented episode as this reader has encountered.

Publisher: Macmillan