PASSAGE TO MUTINY by Alexander Kent


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The ninth in the Captain Richard Bolitho series about an 18th-century British naval hero, this time becalmed in Sydney, New South Wales, where convicts are sent. Searching for pirates, Bolitho finds himself ordered to the Great South Sea where the Bounty has recently been taken over by mutineers. Soon enough he finds himself cast in the Bligh role and striving through 500 miles of open sea in a longboat with only a compass, barest provisions, and his starcrossed ladylove Viola. She's a married woman who pursues him and is the real power that brings the boat safely to land before the fever snuffs her out. The writing is as noble as the line of Bolitho's jaw, a steady beat on a stout and stormy typewriter for the deaf.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1976
Publisher: Putnam