OUT OF CARNAGE by Alexander R. Griffin


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An intelligent, well written survey of the medicines, inventions and humane methods which are daily saving the lives of the men in our armed forces. Mr. Griffin's title is well taken, for his catalogue of the life-saving discoveries being used in this war proves beyond doubt that it is tragic but true that progress comes out of death and suffering. Dealing with such broad topics as psychoneurotic treatment, air evacuation, burn treatment, penicillin, use of blood plasma, malaria prevention and care, the miraculous DDT, air-sea rescue methods and the manual of survival as worked out by the AAF, the book pretty well covers all the allowed-to-be-known ways through which our Army and Navy cuts down loss of life from bullets and disease. An encouraging book, written for, but never down to, the layman, it will appeal to any civilian who's interested either in one special service man or in the general welfare of all of them.

Publisher: Howell, Soskin