WORKING IN HOLLYWOOD by Alexandra & Thomas Lee Wright Brouwer


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Behind the scenes in Tinseltown, toured via 65 interviews with all manner of moviemakers, from director to entertainment attorney to location manager to hairstylist to rerecording mixer. Brouwer, an exec with Paramount Pictures, and her screenwriter husband, Wright, talk to the cream of the Dream Factory here, eliciting anecdote-rich nuts-and-bolts information and career advice about film production and distribution: there's Michael Medavoy, chief of Orion Pictures, on being a producer; Robert Easton, who's taught regional speech patterns to actors ranging from Sir Laurence Olivier to Arnold Schwarzenegger, on being a dialect coach ("". . .the line was, 'We are going into the village, looting and plundering."" And Arnold kept saying, 'We are going into de willich, looting and blundering.' ""And Arnold kept Ugland (Heaven's Gate, etc.) on being a wrangle (""Horses nowadays--you boot 'em up, trim their four tops, put bridle passes on them, clean their ears out. . .But I don't cut the hair under their chins. In cold weather I like to see that long hair. . .""); Stanley Brossette, who publicized Elvis' last 11 films, on being a unit publicist (""Exaggeration is part of our craft. If you're writing a biography on a sex symbol who is five feet eleven and a halt, well, you know you're going to make it six feet""), etc. With Brouwer and Wright's bright introductions to each interview, this ranks as a major--and most enjoyable--new resource on the art and business of cinema.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1990
Publisher: Crown