MY TRIP TO ALPHA I by Alfred Slote


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This takes place in a future when ""they"" can make computer programs of people and thus send you off to a distant planet, where you'll go about in a duplicate dummy while your real body is kept in Sleep-Storage waiting your return. So that's how Jack travels to Alpha I to help Aunt Katherine pack for a move to Earth. While there, he begins to suspect the native servant couple to whom Aunt Katherine is signing over her immensely valuable mining company, and soon he confirms that his hostess is really a dummy programmed and operated by the couple while her real body rests in storage at the travel terminal. Slote doesn't bother with technological intricacies or with philosophy--""There's obviously a lot of tightening up to be done with this VOYA-CODE business"" is Dad's comment upon hearing of Jack's adventure--but, like My Robot Buddy, the story moves along about as swiftly and effortlessly as a VOYA-CODE trip.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott