JUST THIS ONCE by Alice & Joel Schick


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A cartoon treatment of prehistoric life, featuring Og and Glok who are somehow immune to the fears and foolishness of their neighbors, and who domesticate the first wolf when the animal puts in a friendly appearance. The other people flee from it with screams or stone and curse it--but ""Just this once,"" Og's family says each time the wolf comes round to be played with or fed. And when pups are born, even Bubba the Wise Man, on his way to do the crowd's bidding and oust the animal, agrees that the wolves can stay ""just this once."" Such touches as a cave artist with a rough board palette and the wolf bringing a stick to throw for fetching should warn readers that this isn't straight history. Whether they'll think it's funny will depend on their susceptibility to cave-man humor.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott (I-LIKE-TO-READ)