CIRCUS by Alistair MacLean


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The daring young man up there is not only the world's greatest aerialist, Bruno, but also a mentalist and this will make him doubly valuable to the U.S., the land of his adoption, when he's sent back to Eastern Europe and his native village Crau to get the secret of anti-matter--which means immediate/ultimate annihilation--out of the hands of a renegade West German. The CIA sets it up even though two members are disposed of to begin with. With Bruno are his two brothers in the circus act, the head of the circus and his nephew (next casualty), a pretty operative Maria (soonest romance) and a Dr. Harper (you don't need to be a mentalist to spot his cover). There are lots of sight effects (a movie for sure) and while the writing's pretty simple, MacLean obviously enjoys the story he's rigged on another kind of chain. And just as obviously it means bread to go with the circus.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday