THE WAY TO DUSTY DEATH by Alistair MacLean


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A seat-of-the-pants entertainment which never cruises at less than a 100 miles per hour, doesn't take more than two to read, and deals with the crushing activities of Johnny Harlow who when first met has eleven Grand Prix wins to his golden name but has become a suicidally destructive driver -- in fact seems to have killed another man on the Coronado team and permanently lamed the daughter of the man who owns it. But then Johnny seems to be closely monitored for his drinking, while on the other hand someone is trying to kill him before he is eliminated from another race -- not the real contest which is against a Corsican brotherhood of kidnappers, blackmailers and dealers. Overexerted if you stop to think of it but the chances are that you won't -- you barely have time to surface between action sequences.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1973
Publisher: Doubleday