MORGAN'S RAID by Allan Keller


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A lively and accurate account of probably the most spectacular guerrilla raid in American history, this returns to July, 1863, when the beau-sabreur Morgan and his Confederate cavalrymen went into indiana and Ohio. A magnificent and tireless horseman, Morgan believed that he could divert Northern troops from the eastern theatre of war, a military dream that in part and ended in failure. With 2400 men and aided by ""Lightning"" Ellaworth, an expert Lelegrapher who cut wires and sent false messages, Morgan struck without warning in Kentucky, crossed the Cumberland, and plunged into Indiana. Close him rode the Union calvary under General Hobson. In Ohio, Morgan met resistances, and with Hobson on his books, he made an amazing night march around Cincinnati, but later, caught in fire form Ohio romboats, he was forced to surrender. Treated as a common criminal, he was imprisoned with some of his men in the Ohio penitentiary, but with six others escaped in 1863 another storybook tale.... A well known but exciting story, this retails its appeal regional, historical, as well as for the market of true adventure.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1961
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill