ENERGY AND MAN by Allan & others Nevins


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A collection of the lectures given last November at the Columbia Graduate School of Business makes up a centennial symposium celebrating the oil business and offers an inquiry into the role of energy, past, present and future. Allan Nevins presents energy in the history of western man; Robert G. Dunlop views its impact over the last century and the changes brought about; Edward Teller discusses energy sources now in the laboratory or pilot plants and its promise and influence for years to come; Edward S. Maon's speech is on conditions necessary to assure an abundant supply of low cost energy; Herbert Hoover, Jr., presents a world wide background for the energy story. Of specific technical interest to those in the petroleum industry, this has also a place in the field of economics.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1960
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts