FRANKENSTEIN'S AUNT by Allan Rune Pettersson


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It's a dark and stormy night when the formidable old woman steps from the train at the Frankenstein station, determined to clean up the old castle and ""clear the family name."" It's even stormier when, aided by the resident Igor and her own secretary Franz, she recharges the sleeping monster, determined to use his brawn for her monumental housecleaning project. The Villagers are understandably nervous, and more so when werewolf Larry Talbot and then Count Dracula show up at the castle--but doughty old Aunt Frankenstein faces down the delegation, promising that they will hear the monster, docile and sensitive, reciting Shelley within months. And so they do, on a double feature with an astronomy lecture by Talbot, cured of his lunar transformations by the rational and scientific Franz, who has ""always dreamed of being able to do something slightly beyond the ordinary run of things."" He will. It's all undemanding fun in the well-established tradition of Frankenstein spoofs--for kids not yet up to the Rocky Horror stage.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1981
Publisher: Little, Brown