A GIFT OF LAUGHTER by Allan Sherman


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Reading Sherman is like taking a raft down the rapids You start out in some pretty shallow water with his comic strip capsules of his family background. Then things get very murky in the self-explanatory chapter entitled ""Puberty Revisited, or Sex and the Single Sherman."" But then, finally, WHEW! you're out in the mainstream and bouncing up and down along with his career...as a television producer with plenty of dash and splash and libel suits seemingly lurking around each bend. A ""Disorganization Man,"" Sherman still managed to produce ""I've Got A Secret"" for seven years (he originated the idea). He then became a trouble shooter patching up properties like Masquerade Party and the Jackie Gleason show. Finally he and the family settle in L.A. where he's hired and fired and it's touch and go go... straight to the unemployment office. Meanwhile he's been singing these crazy songs, at parties and his friends like 'em already and he makes an album yet called ""My Son, the Folksinger"" and became ""My Son, the Success."" So what else is new? Just a nervous breakdown, a heart attack and a severe case of neurotic anxiety. But roly poly Sherman is still riding the crest of popularity and after you've been through it all with him, you can't help it... you've gotta make nice on him.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1965
Publisher: Atheneum