THE UNEXPLAINED by Allen Spraggett


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The author, a former minister and Religious Editor of the Toronto Daily Star has evolved from a position as a Fundamentalist ""who believed the Bible as literal truth"" to one as a psychical investigator who ""prefers to use research parapsychological concepts instead of theological ones in dealing with supernatural experiences."" And he makes no attempt to reconcile the two. This is a series of reports (many first hand) and studies which deals with such current phenomena as Jeane Dixon's prophecies and Ted Series' ""thoughtographic"" projections as well as a multitude of less publicized figures and events. For example there's James Wilkie and his extraordinary mediumship, Kathryn Kulman and her miraculous miracle services, etc. The book covers all ranges of activity from veridical hallucination to astrological prediction to astral projections with Mr. Spraggett in the role of doubting Thomas who becomes convinced. One of the better books in this area. Mrs. Dixon predicts that it will be a best seller and who are we to argue.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1967
Publisher: New American Library