EXPLORE YOUR PSYCHIC WORLD by Ambrose A. & Olga N. with Will Oursler Worrall


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This is the substance of six seminars featuring the Worralls well-known for their healing and other psychic abilities (The Gift of Healing). The discussion, serious and somewhat esoteric, centers on psychical research being conducted at a scientific level on human ""aura"" (emanations reflecting the individual's state of being, physically and spiritually), photosynthesis, biochemistry, healing, therapy, cancer research. . . even enzymes. The Worralls have been personally involved in these studies and have some far out stories to relate, some substantial, some inherently hilarious like Mrs. Worrall cooing to a reluctant coxcomb--""I said, 'Look, I need an inch more; come on how about it. Grow real good overnight and tomorrow you'll go to the flower show if you have enough length.'"" Needless to say the coxcomb made it to the flower show. . . the question is will the reader make it to the end of the book? For the new pioneers.

Pub Date: Feb. 11th, 1969
Publisher: Harper & Row