MY DREAMS RIDE HIGH by Amelia Elizabeth Walden
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Countless authors are guilty of reworking, clicheing, and mauling the tiresome theme of the little rich girl stepping dauntlessly over class lines for a noble but poor young man. In this instance, the reader is surprised to find that Miss Walden, the author of other teenage romances, has created a fast-moving story about unique, realistic individuals, not making the usual mish-mash of the timeless plot. Jay Gilber, athletic and rich, is joyously independent; she collides with Shane Rogers, an industrious young rebel, not rich, from the other side of the tracks. The romance is unsentimentally (congratulations to Miss Walden) related as the author integrates it with a suspenseful sub-plot. It should find an eager, appreciative audience in the female-Stars -in-their-eyes- teenagers.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Westminster