DUST OVER THE CITY by Andre Langevin


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In translation from the French- it appeared first and with some success in Canada, this account of the dissolution of a man, a woman, and a marriage is particularized and probed by Alain Dubois, who tells his own story. Married for just three months, Dubois, a doctor, who has just started to practice in the small town of Macklin, soon notices Madeleine's wayward and restless discontent. The whole town talks- and condemns- as Madeleine haunts the local saloon and is seen with another man, Richard Hetu; Alain is ounded by his own suspicions and intimations of her infidelity and starts to drink; Madeleine's conduct reflects against him; he kills a hydrocephalic infant he is called on to deliver- rather than let the mother die- and his standing is even further impaired; Madeleine's admission of her love for Richard-not equally returned- does not put an and to it and she goes on to shoot her lover- and take her life. The town, vigilant and vindictive, leaves him to pay the penalty for her sins.... It is just such a tormented relationship as this which Moravia explores with unsparing care and without self-pity, and it is perhaps among his readers that this book will find an audience.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1955
Publisher: Putnam