BORDERING ON TROUBLE: Resources and Politics in Latin America by Andrew & Janet Welsh Brown Maguire

BORDERING ON TROUBLE: Resources and Politics in Latin America

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A collection of essays that steps beyond the normal concerns with Latin America to delve into the possibilities of stability in the region through proper internal management of its natural resources. Maguire, a former Congressman, is currently Vice-President for Policy Affairs at the World Resources Institute, where Brown, his collaborator here, is a senior associate. Running through the essays are several themes. One puts heavy responsibility upon US corporations for exploiting the resources of the region. Another is that America's relations in the area have been preoccupied with short-term and narrow economic and security concerns, while problems of population growth, pollution, and resource depletion have been pooh-poohed. Generally, most of the essayists seem to agree that it is the Latin nations themselves that must initiate programs of fertility control, mortality reduction, and pro-women policies, while working to protect their own fragile resources. This recognized, the US, they assert, must have the good sense to encourage them consistently. A useful gathering of new perspectives.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1986
Publisher: Adler & Adler--dist. by Harper & Row