TERMINUS by Andrew Puckett


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A flat outing for Department of Health investigator Tom Jones (Bloodstains), now sent, undercover, to St. John's Hospice after staff nurse Wilmington, who alerted London to possible hospice drug improprieties, dies under mysterious circumstances. There, a mortuary assistant waylays him in an alley; his room is searched; Dr. Westleigh, the director, seems frazzled; pretty nurse Hester, nurse Wilmington's successor, is overly helpful; and the hospice is desperately in need of funds--despite the windfall from benefactor Berkeley's will, which, had he not died first, he would have rewritten. All signs point to Westleigh as the heroin pilferer and double-murderer--but only after Jones disrupts a crack-manufacturing session are the real culprits revealed. Unsurprising twist ending, phlegmatic prose, and only mildly interesting heroin facts.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1990
Publisher: Doubleday