DRIVE FOR THE GREEN by Andrew Tuttle


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Fairways and foul among the golf pros as the stresses of the big time brings off-the-course havoc. Walt Morrow, twenty-year veteran of pro golf, his marriage on the rocks and the strain of golf money telling, temporarily loses his sanity. This occurs after his son Kelly (off to the army as a rebellion against his father's wheeler-dealing to get him into college) is killed in action. Young Lilly gently nurses Walt back with love, and Walt, still loving Lilly, returns to his wife Wilma. Rough-cut Texan Billy Corry, in love with Eastern career girl Ginger, bucks his humble beginnings in the pro world of glittering wealth and influence. Unhappily married Neil, harried by his wife's contempt and smothered by the demands of sponsors and clubhouse impresarios, finally cuts out from assorted dragnets and becomes his own man. The unsullied hero is tiny Phil Conti, an upp'n comer who astounds them all in Augusta. Plenty of play, sex on the darkling green and tee talk.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1969
Publisher: Doubleday