SOON SHE MUST DIE by Anna Clarke


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A wan little story, more romance than suspense, about young heiress Rosamund Morgan, dying of leukemia, and the people around her--some of whom seem eager to hasten her demise. For instance, Rosamund's luxury-loving nurse lane Bates (taking a cue from Henry James' Wings of the Dove) introduces the patient to her own longtime lover, introspective English professor Robert Fenniman; sure enough, Robert and Rosamund fall madly in love--as Jane looks forward to sharing Robert's huge inheritance. Meanwhile, other greedy-or-meddling folks complicate matters--from nurse Angela Patterson and housekeeper Mary Warley (who has a shifty husband) to Rosamund's money-mad cousin John. And when Robert discovers what Jane is up to, things get tricky: Jane's plan succeeds. . . but with a bitter aftertaste. A torpid tale from the prolific, increasingly unreliable Clarke, enlivened only now and then by the sensitive handling of the doomed love affair.

Pub Date: Dec. 2nd, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday