THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR by Anne Rivers Siddons


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The Amityville Horror marries The Stepford Wives and produces a haunted house packed with plasticine people. In a nameless Southern town, modish Colquitt and Walter Kennedy are snug in their pretty, pretty house when the lot on the ridge out back is sold, ravaged, and a new knockout place goes up. The new folks moving in are the swank Harralsons, Buddy and pregnant Pie. And Kim Dougherty, their spanking fresh young architect, is hanging around and overseeing this house, his all-consuming piece de resistance. Then comes the horrible abortion, with Pie's fetus found pulped in the cellar. And various neighborhood animals get similar treatment. And then the ghastly housewarming, with Pie's father having a fatal stroke when he walks in on Buddy and a boy-friend locked in a shameless naked embrace. So the house is up for sale. The Sheehans move in. Anita is catatonic but recovering from her son's death in Vietnam; her husband is a two-timing drunkard. The TV suddenly starts showing films of helicopter deaths in Nam, and she's doubly zapped when her boozing hubby is found enjoying a neighbor lady right on the livingroom couch in broad daylight! Meanwhile, Kim tries to rape Colquitt in The House. Is the house haunted? Or is Kim the architect cursed? Every devil-made-me-do-it trick in the book--but with this character-less cast, it's more chi-chi than chill-chill.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1978
ISBN: 1416553444
Publisher: Simon & Schuster