GO ASK ALICE by Anonymous


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A direct intercept of the youthful drug experience this ""Dear Diary"" record is the second (Heads You Lose, p. 333) one to transcribe just what happened after a fifteen-year-old, ""cloddy and misfitting,"" took her first trip on LSD. ""It was glorious."" Then someone else introduced her to torpedoes and speed and she filled in with tranquilizers and sleeping pills and dexies until she split with a girl to San Francisco realizing that ""the garbage that goes with drugs makes the price too god-damned high for anyone to pay."" She goes back home, stays clean for a while, is hassled by the youngsters she used to know, has hopes which are canceled out by more uppers and downers until finally she's hospitalized. This youngster often ends her entries with ""See ya."" You won't be -- she died, one of the 50,000 casualties per year, of an overdose.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1971
ISBN: 1416914633
Publisher: Prentice-Hall