CAPTAIN HAWAII by Anthony Dana Arkin


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Arron Pendleton, 16, goes to Hawaii for a vacation with his family. Once on Kauai, his parents, sisters, and brother are happy to stay at the tacky Blue Egret Resort, but nature-loving Arron wants to get out and explore. He signs up for a boat tour with Captain Dan's Zodiac Pirate Tours and becomes entangled in the feud between Captain Dan Pierce and the larger, posher Stingray Tours. Arron also becomes involved with Captain Dan's beautiful and psychic teenage daughter, Kate. Running away from men whom he sees blowing up one of Captain Dan's boats, Arron finds a secret tunnel behind a waterfall and a backpack with a severed hand still clutching its strap. He discovers that the pack belonged to a student named Alistair Vaneblone, who is missing -- and handless -- somewhere on the island. The student's diaries lead Arron, Kate, and Captain Dan to a map that everyone seems to want, including Mama Kauai, the obese local wise woman and good witch, and L.B. McGrath, the unscrupulous owner of Stingray Tours and the Blue Egret Resort. McGrath kidnaps Arron, gets the map, and uses it to find Alistair Vaneblone's great-great-great-grandfather's buried treasure, but it does him no good. Getting there, he disturbs the enchanted little people, the Menehune, who save Arron and Kate and cook up some just deserts for McGrath and his men. A rip-roaring, rollicking good debut from Arkin.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1994
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: HarperCollins