I CAN TAKE IT ALL by Anthony Glyn


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The grandson of Elinor Glyn carries on her traditional theme of sex and love, but his hand is lighter, his tone more satirical, and the whole adds up to a somewhat sophisticated approach to national differences and national roots. . .The hero, Adam, works for an English timber company with mills in Canada, Nigeria, Burma and Finland. When he goes to Finland on a checking trip, he encounters a gorgeous aluminum blonde, a successful comic strip artist. Adam finds himself in a complex social situation with the Swedish-Finns and the Finnish-Finns- and his story has faint echoes of the almost forgotten Jerome, or The Latitude of Love. There is a flashback to Adam's days in Paris, even a brief trip to British Guiana. Love, which is pretty naughty at first, turns out to be true love and ends in marriage. And the international timber business may excite those who are more interested in timber than in sex. It has its bright and funny moments.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1960
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace