AFTERNOON MEN by Anthony Powell


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This is a republication of Powell's first novel (1931), and it is somewhat ess formed than his second, What's Become of Waring, also recently revived. To the it will be interesting as a preamble to The Music of Time cycle -- as a foretaste of the social comedy which will be more highly developed later. The afternoon men, company of giddyheads"" are a kind of jeunesse doree without funds, artists and with migratory objectives and attachments. They are seen in pubs and clubs, impromptu gatherings, at a gallery showing, and finally together for a holiday a country which is quite dreary; one of them half-heartedly attempts suicide... of this is accomplished through occasional scenes and conversations as desultory the lives they lead. It is just through this random va-et-vient of experience that Powell achieves his effects although none of the characters here have been more than barely introduced.

Publisher: Little, Brown