SOLDIER NO MORE by Anthony Price


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Price's ninth espionage labyrinth for British intelligence chief David Audley is the longest, most complex and oblique. It's 1957, and double-agents are everywhere. Captain David Roche, working for both the UK and the USSR, wants out--and he's soon involved in complex negotiations with the UK's Colonel Clinton. . . who eventually dispatches Roche to re-recruit Audley, now seemingly lost in the Byzantine, literary half of his life. What Roche doesn't know: Audley is still a very much active agent, and he's going to use Roche's KGB contacts to expose super-spy Sir Eustace Avery as a double-agent. Le CarrÉ material in a densely droll, fiendishly arabeaqued treatment--only for leisurely, ratiocinative spy-readers; but Price's US following is growing.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday