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A synthetic, but satisfactory, story of a girl with extreme endowments, spiritual and physical, of her determination to achieve security as she denied the better values, and the bad and she came to. Half Scotch, half Spanish, Santa Fe Cameron was born in the west, orphaned at seven, brought up by Indians and Mexicans until at 17 she ran off with a roadshow charlatan, Terry, who is attracted by her powers of second sight. Fey, falling in love with Terry's unstable charm, marries him -- or thinks she does, is deserted by him when they reach New York. Pregnant, she has the child, then determines to make and marry rich Simeon Tower, and not for love. She becomes his wife, accomplishes his social ambitions, in satisfied by wealth, luxury, until Terry returns to blackmail Simeon, seduce Fey, and ends by driving Simoen to murder. To clear Simeon, Fey testifies to her own adultery, sacrifices her child, the man she now loves, and in atonement devotes her last years to Simeon and the poor. Fully played up decor and drama for a popular, period (turn of the century) story, an attractive heroine. This should sell.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1945
ISBN: 1556528035
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin