ACTION THIS DAY by Archbishop Francis J. Spellman


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This has appeared in part in Colliers: the book corresponds closely, though (as P M points out) not exactly, to that material. The Archbishop has ""pulled his punches"" on certain controversial points. This open discussion of the contents of the text will probably stimulate interest, over and above the natural interest in what the prominent prelate in the Catholic Church has to report from the fighting fronts. The material is presented in the form of letters to his father: he comments on living conditions, morale, locale; he presents a running flow of church dignitaries, military, diplomatic and international greats and near-greats. Lisbon, Madrid and Franco (somewhat guardedly pro-Franco in tone); Rome and the Pope; Gibraltar, Malta; North Africa and Gen. Elsenhower; Giraud; Doolittle; London and Churchill; Ireland and De Valera; Tripoli, Calro, Palestine, Persia, Addis Ababa and Haile Selassi; South Africa and Smuts. Interwoven are words of faith, underlining the true objectives of peace and freedom for all. There's been some ack-ack on his slighting words re Russia's lacks in freedom of religion and speech, as well as his benevolent attitude towards Franco. But the book is less controversial than expected.

Publisher: Scribner