STORY OF THE NEGRO by Arna Bontemps
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A book that meets a very real need, in schools, libraries -- and for young adults as well as High School students. Necessarily brief, since it covers history from 1700 BC to the present, in some 200 pages, it is extraordinarily comprehensive, bringing together the salient facts of Negro history. The Negro in Africa provides a background for the tragedy of slavery in America; then the long, hard struggle from the isolated instances of courageous emerging from suppression (as in Haiti), the isolated instances of individuals rising above their fellow slaves, of slave revolts, of freedmen; the growth of anti- slavery activities; of legal action against slavery; of emancipation- and its aftermath. The last chapters are devoted largely to individuals, organizations, forward steps to combat the stultifying apathy towards the problem of Negro progress. One could wish more space had been given this period, which certainly encompasses great advances (as well as great discouragement) on many levels. The chronology, the index -- give the book added value as a reference tool. A bibliography for further reading would have been a valuable addition.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1948
Publisher: Knopf