GOLF: My Game and Yours by Arnold Palmer

GOLF: My Game and Yours

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What other people find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive..."" Thus the dedicated champion speaks directly and personally to the golfers who care enough to read up before teeing off. It is a sympathetic and sincere approach to the many factors that make or break a good game. There are the usual chapters on the physical considerations -- grip, position, swing. Then, there is a chapter on buying the right clubs and another called ""The Neglected Art of Using the Right Club."" What sets the book really apart from most others on golf are the five chapters on the right attitude. Palmer offers his own experiences in working off the game-destroying tensions. The number of personal stories and tournament recaps should be another aspect of the book pleasing to members of Arnie's Army -- the primary, numerous market.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster