THE SARACEN STEED by Arthur Anthony Gladd


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Not least among the supporters of Charles of Aquitaine was Hugh, a rangy peasant boy, descended from the Colts, the Gauls, and the Barbarians. His affinity for a Saracen steed, his loyalty to Christendom, and his unpretentious bravery involve him, in the third decade of the seventh century, in a series of dangerous maneuvers against the Arabic invaders. But through his wit and excellent horsemanship, motivated by his loyalty to Charles and his love for an elderly monk, he disguises himself as a Saracen and makes a substantial contribution to the final ousting of the heathens from Aquitaine. Adventure combines with history in this novel of a crucial conflict between European Christianity and Arabic Mohammedanism. The Saracen Steed will appeal to readers concerned with the middle ages as well as to boys with a particular interest in horses and horsemanship.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1960
Publisher: Dodd, Mead