GLAD TO BE HERE by Arthur Herzog


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More futurological gags featuring the cast of Make Us Happy (1978), who hardly merit a sequel. Bil and Alce Kahn, having liberated humanity (or anyhow New York) from the wicked computers at the end of the last book, set out with their friends Dian Toffler and Ralp Nadir' Nth to restore human dignity and self-reliance. But no sooner has Bil been elected President of the United Sense of Amerca than he is trying to tell Newsminute what to print, bugging the citizenry with the aid of one last harmless-looking little computer, and authorizing the murder of Cabinet member Rober Baronio, Secretary of MAFIA (Motherhood, Altruism, Finesse, Innocence, and Art). His successor as President is Alee, who starts herding people into concentrations camps in an attempt to encourage significant relationships and spends the rest of her time on the White House tenis (rhymes with ""penis"") courts trying to improve her game under the tutelage of U Nameth, Secretary of Sports. If this is satire, the Brooklyn telephone book is vers libre.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1979
Publisher: T.Y. Crowell