THE CIGARETTE HABIT: A Scientific Cure by Arthur King


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Report repeated from P. 587 when scheduled for earlier publication as follows: ""For those who would like to be weaned from the weed but Who Can't Quit this is the first positive program since Herbert Brean's How To Stop Smoking (1951) and it offers far more extensive psychological preparation as well as some drug therapy. Surprisingly enough, Mr. King does not recommend not smoking -- unless you have certain physical difficulties -- or you are a real addict (there are tests here to determine the degree of your dependence). And for those who want to kick the habit, there is the system he has developed (it has worked very successfully with several hundred people) which consists of certain psychological and mechanical conditioning measures three weeks before the day of abstinence -- as well as an additional three week program of aids to follow along with certain medication (to be obtained with the help of your physician). Sounds like a sure cure for any or all takers.

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1959
Publisher: Doubleday