HEY, AL by Arthur Yorinks
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A New York City janitor and his dog, Eddie, make a temporary escape to a fantastic land of birds, but discover that the price is too high. Al is content, but Eddie wants more space than their one messy room; so when a giddily colored bird offers the two a worry-free alternative, they accept. He transports them to a paradise of sorts: lush vegetation, a marvelous array of gaudy, surreal birds to respond to their every whim. ""But ripe fruit soon spoils."" Noticing that they are being transformed into birds, Eddie and Al make a quick escape to their dingy home. ""Paradise lost is sometimes Heaven found,"" and Al is last seen patching and painting. This fable is related with sly wit made more pungent by its brevity. In the same spirit, Egielski's full-color illustrations derive much of their humor from their realism. The drab colors and geometric forms of the city contrast with the luxuriant Eden. Both verbally and pictorially, the relationship between the friends is funny and touching. A clever idea well realized by an inspired pair in their fourth collaboration. Kids will chuckle over this one.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1986
ISBN: 0374330603
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux