CREATE AND MAKE NEW by Austin Pardue
Kirkus Star


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The Harper book for Lent is written by the Bishop of the Episcopal Disease of Pittsburgh. As might be expected of a clergyman of Bishop Pardue's standing and experience in presenting spiritual truth on the printed page and over the radio as well as from the pulpit, this is a heart-searching plea for a deeper religious life couched in terms that will appeal to the laity. It is an appeal to Christians ""to create and make new contrite hearts"". This devotional book is based on the author's study of the use of the word ""heart"" in Scripture and in the Book of Common Prayer and is a plea for an examination and rehabilitation of the inner life of the believer. Bishop Pardue is conversant with the techniques of psycho-therapy, but his approach is definitely that of the religionist. Refreshingly practical is the way in which the author spells out a suggested technique for Lenten self-examination and re-creation. Too many devotional books are long in exhortation and short on definite and specific counselling as to how spiritual aims may be realized. A good book to display for Lenten reading. Will naturally be of especial interest to Episcopalians, but should appeal to Protestants of all denominations.

Publisher: Harper