. . . AND NOBODY CAME by Ava Jacobs


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A painfully amateurish thriller with well-meaning themes--reminiscent of some dreadful 1960s Message movie-comedies. Asserting its rights to save the environment from final pollution, the US has kidnapped a yeti from a war-torn Himalayan region and has housed Big Barney in a $170 million underground Peace Grotto mockup of the creature's mountain home. But the US is really up to something else: in three days a new secret weapon will detonate all the atom bombs and hardware in Russia, thus bringing about world peace. Stuck in the middle of this scheme: D.C. secretary Marilyn Potter, who (for idiotic reasons) winds up on the run with super-secret evidence of the US bomb plan. And so chases and kidnappings ensue--along with the growing love of Big Barney for Marilyn. Despite the heavy-handed anti-war theme: hopeless nonsense.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1982
Publisher: Academy Chicago