PLACE MILL by Barbara Softly


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For the second time (see Plain Jane, 1962, p. 1014, J-296) the author has set an unusual adventure story against the background of the Civil War in England in 651. After his father is shot by the Royalists for being a traitor, embittered young Nicholas leaves home to join the Royalists' forces. A few years later, he is forced by circumstance to return home with two friends and seek refuge. When the youths unknowingly keep close quarters with a Round Head sympathizer, the plot thickens, and continues to thicken until the end. The author maintains a tone of intensity throughout; the characters-- major and minor-- are well developed, although the children at times seem almost too mature for their years. A welcome historical novel-- partially owing to the author's reliance upon a distinctive period of history.

Pub Date: July 17th, 1963
ISBN: 1846176018
Publisher: St Martin's Press