GIANT IN CHAINS by Barrows Dunham


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A noble- but not wholly successful- attempt to bring philosophy to the millions. The author's promise is that philosophy is the business of everyone and should be freed from the fungus growth of technical language and thinking alien to the average citizen; that philosophy should be given back to him as a tool for daily living. He uses as his springboard the eloquent plea of Mrs. Nixon, a Negro woman, whose husband was shot for voting,- that her people be given a fairer life. He attempts to answer this in philosophical terms. Indignant at the flabby do-nothing tendencies of modern humanism, Dr. Dunham claims that any philosophy worth its salt must be a criterion for action, action that will deal with social injustice and make for a better world. This book should be stimulating to the thinking of college students, to all who are still young enough in spirit to wish to implement their armchair philosophizing.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1953
Publisher: Little, Brown