BLACK MOTHER: The Years of the African Slave Trade by Basil Davidson

BLACK MOTHER: The Years of the African Slave Trade

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Over a period of 400 years some 40 million Negro Africans were transported overseas as slaves. The forces that brought this terrible traffic into being, how it worked, and its effect on the Europeans and Africans involved are cogently analyzed in this excellent book. How the early, legitimate Afro-European trading enterprise became perverted into trade in human beings, and how slaving became a socioeconomic way of life is penetratingly described. The history and cultures of African states involved and the social disruption incurred by the slave trade are related in very enlightening manner. Avarice and political ambition were the culprits. Ancient African states were drawn into the trade and new political congeries formed to take it away from them. Wars were fought among them to establish slaving monopolies. How racial prejudice and colonialism (both latecomers) entered the picture, are also dwelt upon. The author's purpose is not propaganda, but understanding. His fine book fulfills that purpose admirably.

Publisher: Little, Brown-A.M.P.