START WITH THE SUN by Ben E. Simpson


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Start with Red Hawk's lucky capture of a great white stallion from the Crows in the course of his first test of manhood and with instructions from Manito, the Man-Above, to give the horse the unlucky name of Whirlwind and present it to Old-Man-Guards-The-Pipe, the tribe's spiritual leader and Red Hawk's special mentor. Indeed Red Hawk's spectacular success (his first raid nets him four horses and a Crow scalp in addition to the stallion) seems destined to trigger his downfall: the Crow's family wants personal revenge and the wild white horse inspires first jealousy and then fear when it throws the old man in the middle of the ceremonial buffalo kill. The latter's refusal to die stoically according to custom leaves Red Hawk with the responsibility of remaining behind to care for him through a long hungry winter and of facing his Crow enemies alone. Although the initial promise of some special, mystical happening soon dissipates, the mood of laconic gravity is retained. And Red Hawk's tribal (Cheyenne?) psychology is presented with conviction that carries his youthful adventures that extra mile.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1975
Page count: 136pp
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux