THE FIRST BOOK OF INDIANS by Benjamin Brewster


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A simplified presentation of Indian life, yesterday and today, beginning with the theories as to origin and an overall portrait-location, habits, tribal organization. The author then introduces the Sioux of South Dakota, the Makah of Washington, the Zuni of New Mexico, and the contemporary Navahos of an Arizona reservation --each through a representative of the tribe. He follows his young Indians through the hunting, fighting, play and village life, and makes no attempt to soft-pedal the plight of the reservation Indian today. He shows their poverty through lack of adequate machinery, discrimination off reservation, general apathy of the country at large. His presentation in general might be more dramatic, less expository, but an enormous amount of material is concentrated into limited space. Ursula Koering has made full color and black and white illustrations of Indians, details of life, etc.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1950
Publisher: Franklin Watts