THE LAW OF CHRIST by Bernard C.SS.R. Haring


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Father Haring's specialty, moral theology, is enjoying a resurgence of attention, so this is an important book in introducing to the U.S. this outstanding theologian of our times. Beautifully and tastefully produced, this volume dealing with General Moral Theology is the first of three to appear in English. Father Haring offers a thorough study of the principles and essentiality of moral theology, rich in new ideas and attuned to today's needs. He defines moral theology as ""the imitation of Christ"" and envisions it as the basis for a conscious dialogue in which Christ speaks first to man. The author outlines the perfect ideal of the life in and with Christ, and the role of the Christian virtues which make men like Christ. In conjunction with his treatment of the virtues, he deals thoroughly with the limits of the law beyond which lies the loss of the life in Christ. Throughout the text, examples illustrated the role Christians must fulfill, which are particularly useful when he expounds teaching about sin, conversion and virtue, situation ethics and abnormal psychology. Full bibliographies follow each chapter. While at first glance this would appear to be of interest only to theologians and students, actually the interested layman is provided with a useful compendium on the ideals of a theology of the Christian message.

Publisher: Newman