THE GODSEND by Bernard Taylor


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The godsend is one of those winsome little horrors of the current literature, a wild gene here, an extra chromosome there, a bad seed in any case. This--with even a little more sentimentality than most--is about the once happy family of Alan, a book illustrator, and Kate, his wife, and their four children all under six. A perfect family until a strange young woman is seen and drops a baby in their home which they of course adopt. Before very long the chameleon Bonnie has replaced their own infant Matthew--a crib death; then Davie drowns; and Sam, who has already indicated to his parents that Bonnie's strange and mean, becomes the third fatal accident in as many years. They are forced to leave the community but by this time Alan realizes the complete and apparently endless chain of their victimization. The publishers have sound hopes for this and while it's not the best of its kind, you'll read it in one breath which is sure to be somebody else's last.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1976
Publisher: St. Martin's