THE WAR SYSTEM by Bert Cochran


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This book is concerned with the contemporary need to develop a series of social institutions alternative to war as a means of adjusting world difficulties. Starting with the assumption that war is not longer a satisfactory method of handling the problems which menace our society, the author examines not only the futility of war but the ancillary problem of the effects which an extensive military establishment has on the country's overall development. After cataloguing the defects of the existing ""war oriented"" system, a solution founded upon a system of world government and world law is proposed. Neither the territory nor the insights provided are new. However this affiliates the various aspects of the problem of what occurs in a society that still views war as a necessary part of its planning. As such it is helpful for too often the phases of the problem have been discussed in isolation. The author's presentation is generally smooth though at times it is hampered by literary devices unworthy of his ability or his subject matter.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan