LANGUAGE BUT A CRY by Bert Kruger Smith


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The plight of the mentally ill child is considered in a manner which brings a sympathetic light to bear, while reviewing the situation in survey rather than specific terms. The author discusses when a child needs help, lists the serious symptoms that may spell trouble with a capital T. Where to find help for the withdrawn, unmoving Juanita, the destructive, over-active Carl? There is the treatment team of psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, psychiatric social worker, nurse, physician; there are the methods of treatment at home or in the hospital, in special classrooms or special schools or day care centers. To show what is being done, Mr. Smith visits three representative residential treatment centers. But the fact remains that twenty-six states have no facilities for mentally ill youngsters. Mr. Smith calls for concern and action on the part of individuals of good will and of communities; prevention; research. A general reckoning.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1964
Publisher: Beacon