PANTALONI by Bettina


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Bettina, who gave us etc., etches another portrait of life in Italy with the story of Beppolino, a little boy whose father sells clothing in the market place of Grado. Beppolino receives a little dog in partial payment for a pair of trousers, and therefore names him Pantaloni. The Italian born author's version of panic in the Italian villages and towns when the little dog gets loose and cuts up with some barnyard fowl -- thereby creating the rumor that a wolf is at large, is slyly comical. The muted colors and superb draughtsmanship of illustrations depicting village life and Italian temperament are a joy. The story moves very naturally toward a happy ending when Beppolino finds ""the wolf"" dressed in doll's clothes, riding in a little girl's doll carriage.

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 1957
Publisher: Harper